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March Right Up - We have a new Challenge!!!!!

March is going to be a huge month for Whiskers and Tails. After meeting our Matching Funds Challenge in December, another caring donor wants to issue a new challenge. A bigger challenge. A kind of challenge that we have never worked with before.

A private donor and his employer (who wishes to remain anonymous), will match your donations every single month from March 1st to November 1st up to $1,000 per month and they are encouraging employees who work for companies that make a donation to nonprofits when you volunteer to contact that employer and tell them that you are volunteering with Whiskers and Tails.

Now, here is the big big part of this challenge - they will match what your company sends to Whiskers and Tails dollar for dollar up to $10,000 by the end of 2024.

Yes. You read that right. Up to $10,000.

Now keep in mind that Whiskers and Tails is looking for skilled volunteers in the coming year. Skills like construction, roofing, painting, organizing, landscaping, fencing, electricians and plumbers. So, you and your company have an opportunity to make an even bigger difference and a much bigger impact on the number of humans and animals that we will be able to help.

We will be hosting an online event in March to talk about all of this and further explain how this challenge will work and what all is involved.

Make plans to hop on the internet and visit our facebook page when we post the date and time on the "Upcoming Events" section of our home page.

We will give you all of the details and answer all of your questions.

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