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Please read before sending your message - because we are a small all - volunteer group it might take a few days for us to get back with you.

Also - we are out of funds, food and supplies at this time.  We have a list of close to 313 families that we are working on helping for the 2018 season.

We are not an animal shelter and do not take in animals no matter what the situation.

Please check for a rescue in your area for re-homing animals.

Thank you for visiting our site.

Mailing Only

PO Box 83

Peculiar MO.



Physical Only

185 West Broadway

Peculiar MO. 64078


Office Phone

816 974-0442


816 974-0119



​Contact Person

ReGina Edmondson



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To find us on United Way of Greater Kansas City

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Greater Kansas City Community Foundation



Under poverty level

Fixed Income

Ages - 6-85 +

Disabled/Retired/Working less than part time.

Seniors/young Families/Middle aged

Bates/Cass/Vernon/Jackson counties

Who we Serve


Men, women, children, seniors, disabled, physically/mentally impaired, youth.

Displaced home - makers, veterans, victims of domestic violence & the homeless

Feral/Stray & Companion Animals.

Animals are homeless or have homes & the families have extremely low incomes

Our Board


ReGina Edmondson


Tommy (TJ) Edmondosn


Tommy Edmondson

( Active Board )

Advisory Board

Audrey Bowman

Judith Maury

Nell Bishop


ReGina, Tj, Corrie, Tommy



Whiskers and Tails is a Missouri registered 501(c)3  all- volunteer humane/human outreach and assistance non - profit organization.

No one in our organization makes a salary.

Administrative costs can include office supplies, event expenses and fuel costs for the transport of supplies, donations, u-haul rentals and deliveries.




These disclosures are here to inform the public of certain instances and situations where Whiskers and Tails, its board members and directors will not hold any type or kind of responsibility or liability. Please be sure to read this information and be aware of it before asking for assistance, offering to make a donation or offering your time to volunteer.

Please aware that we are a very small, grass roots all - volunteer group. We try to make sure that we are doing the best that we can and offering the best and safest resources for you, your animals and the community.

Public Notice - Whiskers and Tails has administrative fees. Utility costs, fees, permits, partnership program fees, fuel costs, office supplies, insurance, attorney, etc. Event, project and program fees as well as office supplies and equipment, the costs of veterinary services and special services are also counted as expenses. We are still all - volunteer but, we did  want to make it known to the public that we do have expenses.

Public Notice - You must keep this in mind and fully understand it before asking for our help with any of the situations or issues listed below.

Whiskers and Tails is by no means an animal shelter and we do not house animals at all nor do we provide any kind of adoption services. 

Once in a great while we will try to help animals by finding temporary foster or permanent licensed rescue facilities when there is a dire situation such as the death of an owner, owner is unable to care for the animal because of domestic violence or other physical or mental issue, owner is homeless or is terminally ill.

We offer this service only as a resource to help the owner and to make sure that someone is there to provide for and care for the animal(s).

We do not and will not accept any type or kind of liability or responsibility for your animals once they are placed in the home of a foster or the facility of a rescue. Our purpose is to make sure that  the animal(s) are being looked after. Once we have, our goal is accomplished - we have no further obligation.

Our service only connects the owner to these resources. Beyond that, the animals are not in our care so we cannot be responsible for the activities of , actions of or other issues that might arise once they are with a foster or a rescue.

Public Notice - Please keep in mind that items that are donated to us that are redistributed to you are donated as is. Items such as human and animal foods. Topical flea treatments, carriers, crates, bedding and toys are donated and as part of our outreach and assistance program are then given to individuals, the elderly and to families. We do not accept any type or kind of liability or responsibility should you, your family or animal suffer from illness, sickness, death or other issue from any human or animal item(s) that we redistribute. Our services are offered as a resource to help the low income companion animals and their families as well as seniors, disabled and victims of domestic violence.


(c) Whiskers and Tails 2015

Whiskers and Tails is a Missouri Registered 501(c) 3  all - volunteer non-profit organization.   Your donation may be Tax Deductible. Please check with your tax professional   All Images (with the exception of stock photos), are owned by

Whiskers and Tails and may not be used without express written permission.