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Together, we can do more in 2024

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Low-income companion animal families, seniors, veterans & survivors of domestic violence

are forced to make tough decisions every single day.


Because they are trying to live on a limited income, they have to choose between their home & health and

the health and well being of their companion animals.


Many folks might say, “If it’s between me and my family or the dog or cat - the dog or cat goes. “


Well, what if that dog or cat was the only family that you had?

What if that dog or cat comforts a child or adult who is suffering with a fatal illness?

What if that dog or cat was your lifeline when you are suffering from severe depression?

What if you risked your own safety to get your kids, yourself and your animals out of an abusive situation?


For the people that we work with, these are not just “scenarios”, they are their reality.

  Together, we can do more in 2024 is more than just a fundraiser.  

We are tired of seeing low-income companion animal families, seniors, veterans and survivors of domestic violence have to make hard choices because they can't afford even the basic needs of life, let alone home repairs, vetting their sick animals and in a lot of cases food and medical supplies. It's time for a change. 

This is an opportunity to make a real difference. A difference for both humans and their companion animals.   We are going to do what we have been doing for over twenty-three years, but on a much bigger scale - we are going to use these funds wisely and well. We're going to make those donated dollars stretch as far as they will go. 

Your donations will be used to - 

* Purchase both human and animal food and prescription animal food.

* Emergency, urgent and ongoing care of companion animals.

* To purchase animal care supplies and items. 

* To help the elderly get their medicine and their medical supplies that their insurances do not cover.

* Several small and a few large home repairs such as

        fixing or replacing furnaces and air conditioners,                                                                                                    replacing old windows and doors.

        Repair walls and floors. 

        Adding wheelchair ramps where needed.

        Purchasing building materials. 

        Hiring electricians and plumbers to work where their services are needed most. 

The list continues with the basic needs of life, personal hygiene items and cleaning supplies. 

            We have a lot to do to meet the needs of our families and their companion animals. 

                                                              We can't do it without you.

      If you want to help us do more in 2024      Make a donation today!     Our Goal is $150,000

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