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Whiskers and Tails works all year long to provide low - no income companion animal families and individuals with the basic needs of life.  Seniors and veterans should not have to choose between their companion animals and groceries or companion animals and medicine or medical supplies.  Through the generous donations of the public and being awarded a few grants here and there, we are able to help our families and individuals keep their animals at home with them by helping them with both their human and humane needs.   

Our board goes through countless applications for assistance at the beginning of every year. They choose the ones that have the greatest needs and that is who we help throughout the year.  

Some of the services that we provide for our pre-approved families and individuals include : 

Clothing, Basic needs of life, cleaning supplies, paper products, bedding, small and in some cases large home repairs for the elderly and the veterans, heaters, window unit air conditioners, human foods, animal foods including prescription animal foods, cat litter, bedding for dogs and cats, financial assistance with vetting as well as other animal care supplies and items. 

We deliver both human and animal food and other supplies to veterans and seniors on a weekly basis and we offer a program that allows our families and their companion animals to be virtually adopted every holiday season. This program is called Hope for the Holidays.  They can share their personal stories, their needs and at least one wish.

By offering these programs and services we are saving the lives of animals by helping the humans who care for them. 

We are helping companion animals stay at home with their families where they belong.


We can't do what we do without you

Our Mission
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Our Mission

Saving the lives of animals by 

helping the humans that care for them

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Our Vision

We want to make sure that there is always a resource for low-income companion animal families to turn to so that they do not have to choose between daily living and living without their companion animal.  

We Need Your Support Today!

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