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Imagine being a child on Christmas morning. You wake up excited thinking about the gifts that will be under the tree. You jump out of bed, run into the living room to look. Imagine seeing nothing there.

Imagine a chair by a window. The person in the chair is an elderly woman. Her dog sitting on her lap and her cat perched on arm of the chair. Christmas is happening all around her. She doesn't have any money. She doesn't have any friends or family. It's just her and her companion animals. Forgotten again at Christmas time.

Remember being a teenager? You weren't a kid anymore so there wasn't that much fuss made over gifts for you because your parents didn't have enough money to buy you anything.

All of these scenarios are actual facts. The families, teens, seniors and companion animals that we work with face these scenarios every Christmas. They shouldn't have to. A child should never have to be sad on Christmas morning. An elderly person should not be forgotten on Christmas day. A teen should have something to look forward to at Christmas.

That is why we started Hope for the Holidays. No one should be without during the holidays. Food, holiday meals. gifts, stockings, little things to you and me but, to the families and animals that we work with - those little things mean a lot.

Please help us to make sure that our families and their animals are not forgotten this holiday season Please help us to make sure that something is under their tree and on their table because everyone deserves a little Hope for the Holidays.

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