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Help Humans and Animals Today 

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About ​Us

Whiskers and Tails was created December 20th, 1999 and became a Missouri Registered non profit organization in 2000. We were awarded our 501 (c) 3 tax exempt status as a public charity recognized by the IRS in  2001. 

We started out as and remain to this day an ALL-VOLUNTEER humane/human outreach and assistance non profit organization. 

Whiskers and Tails is not an animal shelter.  We do not house or take in animals at all.  

For over two decades we have helped companion animals stay at home with their families where they belong by providing the basic needs of life and by helping the humans with costs of their companion animal's medical care, prescription foods
and animal care supplies an items. 

Major Milestone - We have provided aid to over 5,000 humans and 4,000 animals as of January 2023

We are funded solely by public donations.  

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Contact Us 

Email -

185 West Broadway Peculiar MO
64078  ( Physical Only ) 

PO Box 83 Peculiar MO 64078 
( Mailing Only ) 

Contact Person - 
ReGina Edmondson
Office - 816 974-0442


We are currently looking for Virtual Volunteers

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Immediate Needs 

The companion animals, individuals and families that we work with need your support right now because working together we can  make a huge difference in the lives of animals whose families cannot afford their food or medical care and for their humans who cannot afford the basic needs of life.  

By providing monetary gifts,  Gift cards such as Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart or Target and other hardware and retail stores you are contributing to programs that improve the lives of the humans and animals that are struggling and in great need of your help. 


Because of your generosity in the past - our programs have helped seniors and veterans and families get animal medical care, human and animal foods and be provided with the supplies and items that you and I take for granted every single day. 

Seniors and Veterans  have received replacement windows to keep the cold out of their homes in the winter time.  Their floors have been repaired saving countless seniors from falling through rotting floor boards and possibly causing serious harm to themselves. 

With your help we have been able to make spot repairs on roofs,  repair walls , replace cracked sinks, bathtubs and toilets and we have replaced or updated indoor and outdoor rails and ramps for the safety of the elderly and the physically impaired that we work with.  

We are asking for your help again today because many seniors and veterans have rotting floors and window sills, they have leaking roofs where the harsh winds of winter have ripped their shingles off.  Floors that need to be replaced  and they have companion animals that are in need animal medical care. Our seniors, veterans and families are in need of both human and animal food as well as the basic needs of life. You can help us to change the lives of the humans and animals that we work with. You can help us to make life altering changes for the  humans and animals who are struggling right now because there are still humans and animals out there who are in need right now.  

What we do -


First and foremost - We believe that you cannot help animals unless you help their humans too.   


There are veterinarians, assistance organizations, case workers and other people who will tell an individual or family that if they cannot afford to buy food or take their cat or dog to the vet, they should get rid of them or put them down.   That is not the solution.

There are way too many animals out there who are dying every single day in overcrowded animal shelters or being abused in what people thought was a "good home" after they gave them up to strangers or people, they thought they knew. NO! 

Whiskers and Tails was created for families and individuals who want to keep their companion animals at home with them no matter how bad they are struggling or how hard times are.   Those are the families that we work so hard to help. 

Once a family or individual is referred to us, we have them fill out an application so that we can see what their needs are More often than not it is basic life needs and the need for animal medical care. 

When the family or individual has been approved, we go to work immediately to fill as many of their needs as we can.  

Who we serve - Our programs are offered to seniors, veterans, emotionally and physically impaired, victims of domestic violence and low to no income families and individuals and of course their companion animals.   Our board goes through hundreds of applications for assistance at the beginning of each year and chooses those that has the greatest need for both the human and the animal.  

For more info on how to you can help us to make life altering change for the humans and animals who are struggling, click here - Donate.