Special Note -

Please keep in mind that Whiskers and Tails is NOT an animal shelter

or animal rescue. We do not pick up, house or take in unwanted animals.

If you are in need of those services, please research rescues or animal shelters in your area.

Also, please make sure that you

work with licensed, reputable organizations for the safety and welfare of the animals.

Saving the lives of animals by helping the humans who care for them

Humans and Companion Animals

Every single day, seniors, veterans, victims of domestic violence and low to no income companion animal families have to make some difficult decisions. They have to decide between paying for lights, water, food and gas. Paying for medical care or prescriptions without insurance or buying animal food and covering animal medical costs. For most of us, it's a given. We just do it. For the families that we work with - the money is just not there. They struggle because of a sheer lack of funds to be able to do it all but, they have made the choice to keep their animals at home with them because those animals are considered family members and because they have made that choice - we choose to help them.

We help with animal medical care, animal foods and animal care supplies and items. We also help the families by providing clothing, human food, cleaning supplies, basic life needs items and virtual holiday adoption programs that fill their needs and grant at least one wish. That is how we help the humans and how we save the lives of animals.

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Volunteer - Find your perfect fit today

We have some amazing Volunteer Opportunities.

Construction, Creative wood working, landscaping the old fashioned way, sorting, shifting, packing, making care packages,  organizing and so much more.

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To date We have provided outreach and assistance to just over 3,900 humans.


To date we have provided animal medical care and supplies to 4,486 companion animals.