We have several volunteer opportunities available right now and we would love to hear from caring individuals, groups, schools and businesses.

( please read our public notice/disclosure at the bottom of this page )


  • Makie something old  new again

  • One wall, one building, one space at a time

  • Discover history & a bit of mystery

Opportunities  for Large and Small groups, seniors, church groups and more  to help us to rehab several old spaces and make something new that will help both humans and animals throughout the entire year.

  • Fixing Up

  • Yard Work & Landscaping

  • Tree Trimmers

  • Painting/Decorating


Most Saturdays are available for everyone to volunteer their time at the donation house, see above example activities.

  • Moving items

  • Shifting/sorting/organizing

  • Cleaning up

  • Helping with Set Up


Volunteers help us to perform many vital tasks to meet the oraganization's mission, see the above example areas of need


  • Woodworkers/builders

  • Construction

  • Electricians

  • Plumbing

  • Roofing and siding professionals

Skilled volunteers help us to maintain the donation & storage facilities and assist families with housing repairs.

We often hold one of a kind events and are in great need of folks that would like to help us set up,  operate and tear down.


Please contact us for the upcoming special events and seasonal volunteer opportunities.


Volunteers help us set up, operate, and take down items at our fundraising events. These events are held 2-3 times per year. The duration of events is usually 6-8 hours and can be a 1 day or 2 day event.

If you would like to volunteer for any of these opportunities please please read the public notice below and then e-mail ReGina directly at whiskersandtails2@gmail.com

All volunteers have a short orientation and are asked to sign an accident waiver before volunteering on site or at any public event.




Public Notice/Disclosure - Please note that Whiskers and Tails will not accept applications to volunteer from anyone  that has been convicted of any violent crimes to women or children or animals or that have been convicted of any violent crime where a weapon was used or anyone who has been found guilty of abuse, abandonment or cruelty to animals.

​​Please note that we are not an animal shelter and do not house or take in animals. No volunteer will be asked to help with the feeding or care of any companion or feral or stray animal. No volunteer will be asked to work with or volunteer with any of the families or companion animals that we are helping. No new volunteer will be asked to deliver items to our families at any time.  We have long time, experienced volunteers that help with those projects and programs.

Whiskers and Tails is an Equal Opportunity Non-Profit Organization. Your sex, race, religion, marital status, sexual preferences and financial status are not relevant to your ability to volunteer with us. Whiskers and Tails does not ask about, nor do we discuss or encourage the discussion of race, religion, sexual orientation or personal financial information to avoid conflict or cause for tension on site.

Please note - Whiskers and Tails asks all volunteers to sign an accident waiver before you begin working on site because the site is a work in Progress and is not owned by Whiskers and Tails and volunteers are also asked to sign the accident waiver at any and all events.  We also ask that you do not bring small children under the age of 17 to the volunteer site and that you are over the age of 17 before inquiring about volunteering with us.

Also note that we are not handicap prepared or accessible as yet and that we do not have restrooms on site at this point and will not have until all work has been completed and we do not provide food and drink unless otherwise indicated. Also note - For the safety of yourself and all volunteers on site, we do not allow alcohol, drugs of any kind or weapons of any kind inside or on the grounds of or around the donation house, our office or at any of our events.

Because the donation house and its attached buildings and grounds ARE not the property of Whiskers and Tails, ( the space is just being donated to us at this point and is not set up for public use as yet, ) the owners of the property requires that everyone who volunteers on this site sign an Accident Waiver form. We apologize for the inconvenience but, This is not negotiable.

Please be advised that these spaces are storage units and have been closed up for a year or more. There will be dust and dampness. The spaces will have to be emptied and cleaned out and cleaned up before we can move on with repairs, airing out and the like. If you are unable to be around dust and damp air please volunteer for outdoor opportunities. We have a lot to choose from.

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Whiskers and Tails is a Missouri Registered 501(c) 3  all - volunteer non-profit organization.   Your donation may be Tax Deductible. Please check with your tax professional   All Images (with the exception of stock photos), are owned by

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