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Whiskers and Tails is a pretty small charity. We love to get some help now and them to get some of our projects off of the drawing board and into reality. We have some amazing opportunities for Volunteers age 17 & up. 

Because of help from people like you we have met some pretty big goals.   Today we are asking for your help again. 

We are looking for skilled volunteers who have a passion for taking something old and making it new again. For walking up and touching history and know that  because of you it will have a  future. 

Someone who volunteers with us would know how to transform regular old plywood floors into something amazing

The people who volunteer would know how to do roofing on an older home and its surrounding buildings. 

Painting and specialty fence work, 

They would know how to do construction and have some very unique woodworking skills. 

They would  be able to build one of a kind cabinets and shelves. 

They would know wiring and plumbing  and how to mix and set concrete

They would know landscaping and design. 

We are also looking for people who would like to help with a variety of other projects too.

We have Virtual Volunteer opportunities that you could do right from your very own home. 

Are you a social media Guru?  Are you able to get others to follow you and share posts, images and events  that you share? 

Things like unloading donations and organizing them. 

Helping to set up and tear down at fundraising events

Shifting , moving and organizing.  Are you good at it? 

There are so many different opportunities that we know we have one that is just right for you.   Drop  us a note and tell us what your schedule is and what kind of skills that you have to offer.   We would love to hear from you. 

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​​Help make a difference and sign up
to volunteer today!

​Drop us a note letting us know what kind of volunteer opportunity you are looking for, Days & times you are available and any special skills that you might like to offer. We look forward to hearing from you. 


Thanks for submitting!

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