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Virtually Adopt or Sponsor Our humans and their companion animals

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                                     Your SPONSORSHIP is put to work IMMMEDIATELY!   

When you sponsor one of our companion animals an appointment is set up immediately and he or she is quickly transported to the vet to receive their much needed animal medical care.  The same speed is applied to helping our humans and implementing our projects and programs.   No time is wasted because our experts are always ready to go.   

Becoming a sponsor couldn't be easier. Just click on the Donate button and when the PayPal page opens you can fill in the box to let us know which animal, human or project you would like to sponsor and the amount you wish to donate and then submit it.   

                                         You have the choice of being a one time or recurring sponsor.   


You  can even share your sponsorship and encourage your friends, family and co-workers to sponsor too.  It is up to you how much you help  because you are in control of the amount you donate, how often you donate and if you choose to share your sponsorship or remain anonymous. 


              Please note that All images stay up until each human, animal or project has been claimed to be sponsored or adopted for an entire year.  


        You will see that we have included sponsor sheets for some of our projects and programs as well as for our seniors, veterans, families, survivors of domestic violence and more. You decide what  human. animal or program you would like to sponsor. 

        We help both dogs and cats but, we have a lot of multi cat families and individuals .  Some of the cats pictured below might look familiar to you and that is because they have been waiting for ongoing sponsors for a very long time. 

We hope that today might be different. Because you just might be the sponsor they have been waiting for. 


                               Click on the image of your choice  to get the story behind the pic

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