Our organization was awarded a grant in the amount of $5,000 from the Doris Day Animal Foundation. We are so honored that they chose to support our efforts.  Keep coming back to this page to see how we put those funds to work to help companion animals with special food and vetting.  

We will share their photos and stories here.



Elsa Mae Smith This is the story of how this beautiful precious little blessing became a part of my family… My son and a girl he used to live with had a neighbor with many litters of puppies in one yard. My sons girl wanted to go pick one out and bring it home. My son was very insistent that at that time they could barely feed themselves and could not afford a puppy. After many days of being so insistent {just because thats who she is} he finally gave in with a big sigh and said ok we can go look but were not bringing one home that we cant afford to take care of. When they went to look at the puppies this little black with some white on her lab mix puppy ran over to my son and practically ran up his leg! He picked her up and said gimme kisses and she did! He was sold! They took her home named her Typsi. The two of them ended up not being together when she was about 3mos old. MY son unfortunately went to jail and the girl left Typsi where they were staying. When i got word of this i went and picked her up and took her home with me. My now ex and i had her until we split up but when Typsi was 11 mos old she gave birth to 15 more little blessings! 5 of them didnt make it and oh how i cried each time i had to bury one of them! My step daughter had wanted one of the puppies. She picked and named Elsa. When Elsa was old enough to go home with her she had confessed to me that she really didnt have the means to take care of her so i told her we would hold onto her in case that changed. Elsa was born with inverted eye lashes which is common in some breeds. Sadly with no luck i tried and so did my daughter to find someone to help us with this cost. We tried several times to save the money for this costly surgery but something always came up that we had to get into it because life happens.! When Elsa was about 2 years old my ex left me and the girls for the last time. We shuffled around alot for a while because i had no job but i fortunately had some good people in my life to help me thru it and with the help of all of them i was to keep my girls with me.My daughter a few months ago sent me a message and told me an organization called Whiskers and Tails of Mo was willing to help us! They were just waiting on a grant to come through. Miss ReGina has a heart of gold and bigger than the world! She heard about Elsa’s eye condition and she couldnt stop thinking about my little blessing that has been miserable everyday her entire 4 years of life! How every morning and all throughout the day her eyes have goop and goo running out of them and down her precious little face. How everytime she goes outside if theres alot of allergens in the air or if the wind is blowing or if its cold her little eyes water get gooped up and they turn soooo red and she rolls her face across the ground or inside on the carpet or with her paws trying to get the itch to stop. She has dark scar tissue on her eyes also as a result of this condition. I gave her antihistamine for the itch but still her eyelashes were growing inward instead of outward so it was constantly scratching her poor little eyeballs! Can u imagine the misery of going through that everyday of your life for 4 years? I have cried and cried and apologized to Elsa many times over the past 4 years because i felt like i had failed her when i couldnt seem to get the money saved up for her surgery.Now thanks to my daughter, Miss ReGina of Whiskers & Tails of Mo, The Doris Day Animal Foundation and the Drexel Vet Clinic my precious little blessing Elsa Mae Smith is on the road to recovery to being able to play like the puppy she never had the chance to be yet and to see clearly for the first time in her life! Im super happy and excited about it and will forever be grateful to all those involved in making this happen! I have a special place and love for each and everyone of you in my heart! Thanks a million times and more… Sincerely Diannah K and Elsa Mae Smith

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