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July 2021

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Tattle Tail

We have been doing some thinking. 

How would you all like to have a good old fashioned get together?  Maybe a bbq or a campfire event?

With everyone getting their vaccines and things hopefully getting better when it comes to the pandemic, perhaps we can host an event and invite our donors, volunteers and friends.

I don't know about you - but, we would love to do something like that.

Let me know what you think.

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Whiskers and Tails is offering an advertising package for your business that will help you grow your business while you make a tax deductible donation to support ours.

Email us for more details at

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Remember : Gift cards for home repair materials are needed too.   For the seniors, veterans and victims of domestic violence.

Lowes, Home Depot, ETC.

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Sponsor  Whiskers and Tails

You can make a monthly donation that would help our families, their animals and help keep Whiskers and Tails going.

COVID-19 had had a huge impact on small nonprofits like ours.

We are in great need of financial gifts.

Sponsor a Senior & their companion Animal(s)

Your monthly donation will help us to purchase

human and animal foods for a senior who is truly struggling.


Sponsor a companion animal whose family does not have the funds for food or medical care

                                   We are looking for Virtual Volunteers

A Virtual Volunteer is someone who volunteers from home. Yes. You can volunteer right from your couch, bed or kitchen table. We are looking for folks who would be willing to help us to kick off our Forever Home Capital Campaign Project. It's a great volunteer opportunity for those who love social media.     Email us for more info at

If your dog or cat has been missing for a while and you would like to tell us your story please message us. We would love to try to help you to get your companion back home.   

Email us at

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Verna is 71 years old. She still lives in her own home with four senior cats and a ton of health issues. She needs some home repairs as well as some help with animals.  


Here is her story.

Verna's husband passed away ten years ago.  He just got up one morning and stood up to get out of bed and fell over. He passed away before the paramedics got there. He had not been sick. There were no signs of an issue. He was just gone. Verna went into a deep depression that no one could pull her out of.  She would barely eat, she would not get out of bed and before long, she was pretty sick.

She started having heart and kidney issues from extreme weight loss and dehydration. She ended up getting double walking pneumonia that damaged her lungs. The only motivation she ended up having was her cats. Some uncaring human dumped a carrier full of cats on her door step and when she heard them crying she got up and went to see what was going on Verna's original animals had passed away years earlier from old age. Her children were all grown and gone. She had no one who needed her. Now, she does.

When she contacted us to ask for help we had no idea that she was in such great need until we got there. She needs a  partial roof repair, she needs replacement windows and she needs help with cat food.

It is our hope that we can find some caring sponsors who would like to help Verna because she is an elderly woman who has been through enough.  Losing her husband, suffering with depression and than getting back up to try to help those cats is amazing to us. We have volunteers who can do the work.  We just need the funding to get started. 

Won't you make a donation to help Verna Today?


We will be creating some live videos in the coming weeks to let you know about our upcoming events.

Keep checking in to stay updated. You won't want to miss out on what we have planned.


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