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April 2021                   Edition 2                                                                 NewsLetter

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   Our Mystery Box Fundraising Event is set!

We will be GOING LIVE at 7 PM on April 22nd.

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Whiskers and Tails is offering an advertising package for your business that will help you grow your business while you make a tax deductible donation to support ours.

Email us for more details at

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Remember : Gift cards for home repair materials are needed too.   For the seniors, veterans and victims of domestic violence.

Lowes, Home Depot, ETC.

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Vacuum Setup

Useful Tip -  It's flea season. Did you know that if you vacuum your carpet and soft fabrics every few days, you can get rid of fleas without using chemicals?   It works!  

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Sponsor  Whiskers and Tails

You can make a monthly donation that would help our families, their animals and help keep Whiskers and Tails going.

COVID-19 had had a huge impact on small nonprofits like ours.

We are in great need of financial gifts.

Sponsor a Senior & their companion Animal(s)

Your monthly donation will help us to purchase

human and animal foods for a senior who is truly struggling.


Sponsor a companion animal whose family does not have the funds for food or medical care

                                   We are looking for Virtual Volunteers

A Virtual Volunteer is someone who volunteers from home. Yes. You can volunteer right from your couch, bed or kitchen table. We are looking for folks who would be willing to help us to kick off our Forever Home Capital Campaign Project. It's a great volunteer opportunity for those who love social media.     Email us for more info at

If your dog or cat has been missing for a while and you would like to tell us your story please message us. We would love to try to help you to get your companion back home.   

Email us at

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Iris just turned eighty one years old February 16th. I have worked with her for many years now.  She is one amazing woman. She has lived in the same house for sixty years. She raised her children there. She lived with and lost her husband there. Each spring she has saved the lives of dozens of unwanted cats there.

She lives out in the country and uncaring humans dump cats close by all of the time. She and I have worked together for two decades getting them humanely trapped, vetted and spayed or neutered. She has an old shed that they think is the neatest place to sneak in and out of. We keep straw in there. Fresh water and food.

There have been a few that Iris has managed to bring into her house. She works hard to gain their trust and to make sure that they know that they are loved.

Stanley was one cat that no matter how hard we tried, he would not come around to trusting humans. We never knew what horrors or abuse he might have faced in the life he had before he ended up in Iris's shed but, they had to pretty severe. He would barely eat and he was skin and bones. He needed to be vetted and it was quite a job just to get him trapped.

After a few months, he was trapped, vetted and brought inside. We worked on his diet and we worked on his trust issues. Ten years. Ten long, long years later he finally came around. He loved playing with the other cats. He loved his special food and he loved Iris.

There was a woman that I had told Stanley's story to. She sponsored him throughout his life time. It made a world of difference for him and for Iris. We were able to make sure he had regular visits to the vet and she helped us to make sure that he had his special food.

When Stanley passed away, Iris and I hugged each other and cried. It was such a loss. What a beautiful little soul Stanley was. His sponsor cried too.

I could never thank her enough for everything she did for this wonderful little boy.

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Mystery Box Fundraiser

April 22, 2021  - Live at & PM on our Whiskers and Tails Facebook Page .

We have two donors who have asked us to try something pretty special.   They have donated some some new and gently used items for us to use to raise funds with.

We will offer a clue as to what is in the box and you can make us an offer. ( Kind of like a bid now buy now type of event).  We think this is going to be a lot of fun. Once you have made your offer on the box,  do a porch pick up with your cash donation. 

Thank you,  Terry and David.

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