March 2021     Edition 2                                                                 NewsLetter

Tattle Tail

                                                      Whiskers and Tails Needs a Forever Home

Most people move out of home when they turn eighteen. Whiskers and Tails is well over twenty- one and we still live in our Founder’s home. We are all grown up now and we want a place of our own.  A place where we can have our office, our distribution center, our storage area and a place where we can host amazing, one of a kind events.   We have found that place and now we need to start fundraising to be able to purchase it and get it all set up.

We are in the process of planning four outdoor fundraising events for the year as well as four online fundraising events to try to raise the funds to purchase the space and start working on it before the start of the new year.   Some of our planned events will include a Barbeque and visitor’s social,   an Unsolved Murder Mystery Campfire event, An on-site Hidden Object Game Day, and  A Bid Now Buy Now Auction Event.

Our goal is to raise one hundred thirty thousand dollars by December thirty -first.  

Why do we want to move from our current space and set up somewhere else after all this time?   Space and wasted time. The storage area that we have is simply not big enough for everything that we have and everything that we need to do. We waste a lot of time shifting items back and forth by hand because we need to try to fit in one more thing. It is not convenient; it is back breaking work when you do not have a huge pool of volunteers to help. We work out of five different spaces to get everything done that needs to be done.  That means shifting items from one building to another building.   There is no room to ask volunteers to come in to help. Our storage area does not have bathroom facilities and there is no more space to add cabinets, tables or even store rolling  carts.  Our office is not big enough to hold events and we cannot afford to rent space for everything that we would like to do to promote our organization or hold fundraisers.

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