STAY is A fundraising campaign to keep low income families and their companion animals together.

For some people it's far too easy to give up a dog or cat. For some people any old excuse will do. For the families that we work with - the struggle is real. They will fight to to hang on to their companion animals because those animals mean everything to them. They are members of their family. The problem is that our families do not have the funds for vetting, grooming and many times they cannot even afford food.

No one should have to decide between food or medicine. Between rent or taking their sick animal to the vet. No one should have to "let them go" because they cannot afford veterinary care.

We have created the STAY Campaign to raise both awareness and funds to bring this issue to light and to help keep companion animals at home where they belong with the people who love them so much. Shelters are already over crowded with animals from people who could not afford  to care for them. Those animals will die. There just are not enough homes. It is heart breaking.

Programs like this do not exist in more rural areas near us.

The Stay Campaign will work hard to help seniors, veterans, displaced home - makers , victims of domestic violence and of course low - no income companion animal families keep their pet at home with them by providing assistance with dog and cat food, cat litter, grooming supplies, animal care supplies and items, assistance with the costs of vetting and prescription foods, meds for their animals, supplies and items for humans too like human food and meals, clothing, bedding, furniture and dishes, house hold items like towels and small appliances, personal hygiene items, cleaning supplies and medical equipment.

We cannot do this without you. Your support, your donations and of course your care and understanding.

Please make a donation today to help us to keep our families together. The entire family that is.

Please help us to help them Stay at home.

Our Mission is to save the lives of animals by helping the humans who care for them.

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