In order to stop the cycle of pet abandonment our services provide animal food assistance,  education, and support  for the local community in the hopes that we can increase pet retention, while decreasing overpopulation, animal abuse, and pet abandonment.

Whiskers and Tails provides aid, outreach and assistance to low - no income companion animals and their families.   Human food, animal food, vetting and so much more.

What We Do


Each year we work with over 400 low-income companion animal families in and around the Cass, Bates, Vernon and in some areas of Jackson counties. Families are selected in early January every new year  based upon income, basic needs and number of existing pets.


We offer assistance with pet food, animal care supplies and items, animal medical care through weekly deliveries and connecting to participating vets and clinics. This includes spay/neuter, urgent and ongoing animal medical care, animal sponsoring, dog/cat houses, bedding, fencing, harnesses and leashes.  We also provide preventative care, disease screening and much needed emergency medical care. 


For the low- no income companion animal's families - we offer personal care products, clothing, holiday meals, gifts and decorating items, gas cards for doctors/medical appointments and job interviews, small and in very special circumstances and if donations and volunteers allow we will also help with some large home repairs for the elderly and the physically and emotionally impaired on a case by case basis. We also help with transportation for seniors, utility assistance on a case by case basis and we also offer assistance with some medical equipment and supplies as donations allow.


We provide the only feral/stray feeding and wellness stations for the lost, feral and strays in the county. One purpose that we have is to monitor feral colonies to make sure that they are disease free while observing new arrivals. We humanely trap and transport to participating vets for screening, shots,  medical care and spay/neuter.


Ferals are re-released, lost pets are posted and often returned to their families, and strays go to animal rescues for future adoption. This Trap/Neuter/Return program helps to keep the population down and to stop the spread of communicable diseases.


We also help with instances of domestic violence where companion animals are involved. Placement, referrals to assistance programs and we go into the homes of the elderly and the physically and emotional impaired and help them to care for their companion animals. re.


Whiskers and Tails is not an animal shelter. We do not take in owner release or feral/stray animals of any kind. Facilities must be licensed and inspected by the state of Missouri to Shelter animals. We are not that kind of organization. We are a Missouri registered 501(c)3 all-volunteer, humane/human resource and assistance non-profit organization.

Our mission is to save the lives of animals by helping the humans who care for them. We want to see an end to overpopulation, abuse, abandonment, owner release and the needless death of innocent animals. We work hard to help families keep the animals that mean so much to them at home. We work with seniors, veterans, victims of domestic violence, displaced home makers and low to no income companion animal families who are truly struggling and who really care about their animals.

We clip coupons, we visit thrift shops, we go to yard sales, we go to after holiday sales, we make every single penny stretch as far as we can. We ask the public for donations to help with vetting, prescription foods, animal and human sponsors, human food, animal food and care items and so much more. We hold fundraisers and we apply for grants from foundations that truly care about our efforts.

We do all of this to save the lives of the animals that we love so much.


Founded in 2000


In 1998 founder ReGina Edmondson returned to the town that she grew up in to be close to her bedridden mother.  The area near the house was inundated with hundreds of  stray and feral  cats and dogs. She did her best to try to find a humane group or organization that would come to the area and help to get this inhumane situation under control.


After months of trying and getting no response, she decided to take matters into her own hands. Help was not coming so, she rolled up her sleeves, grabbed her son and her husband and went to work. She began the framework that would  turn out to be Whiskers and Tails right then and there. She borrowed some traps and made some traps and bought canned food and started humanely trapping as many stray animals as her car would hold.  She tucked what little money that she had in her pocket and started transporting these cats to her own personal vet to have them tested for communicable diseases, given their shots for the first time ever and have them spayed and neutered.


By September 1999 ReGina and her family had helped more than a 1,000 animals and Whiskers and Tails was no longer just an outline in a notebook. It was a real non-profit organization. To date Whiskers and Tails has helped just over 4,123 animals and approximately 3,200 humans


ReGina's Mother lost her fight against emphysema in June of 2003. ReGina is still in the same place where Whiskers and Tails was started over twenty years ago .

A Message from

   our Founder

ReGina Edmondson

It has been a long journey not only creating Whiskers and Tails but, sustaining it over all of these years. There has been very minimal financial and physical support.  Organizations that work with animals receive less than five percent of all donations given to non-profit organizations across the country. The most difficult part of this journey is the animals we could not save because there was not enough support.  We carry on in their memory by striving to help as many animals as we possibly can.

Whiskers and Tails is not just some non-profit organization, it is a piece of me personally. My own passion and love of animals motivates me to continue to try to save the lives of these precious, innocent  beings because they mean so much to me. It is my sincere hope that more people  and businesses will get involved by volunteering, sponsoring and donating for the families and animals that are in need. My dream is that one day we can end the cycle of abuse, abandonment and dumping in our community, and put an end to the poverty and the struggling that so many low- no income companion animal families and individuals have to face every single day. 

We are grateful for the families that have allowed us into their lives and homes and for the animals that we have helped over the past 20 some years. Whiskers and Tails was made for you.



ReGina Edmondson

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