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Paws Up: Match & Grab to Double the Impact

In the heart of our community, there’s a private battle going on. Low-income companion animal families, seniors, veterans, displaced homemakers and survivors of domestic violence are fighting a war between their heart and poverty. They are being forced to choose themselves or their companion animals. For some people, it's not even concern. For the families that we work with - it's the hardest decision they have ever had to make.

At Whiskers and Tails, we do our very best to ensure that our families never have to choose.

Stella was an eighty-two-year-old woman whose children had forgotten her. Her husband had passed away and she lived in the home they had shared for over sixty-two years. She wasn't completely alone though; she had her cats to keep her company. Stella didn't look at her cats as if they were just any old cats. They were the only family she had.

Before we met Stella, she was going without food, her diabetic supplies and other medication because she couldn't afford to pay her bills and buy groceries and cat food.

She needed help and her concerned neighbor contacted us.

We went in and made sure that Stella had the supplies and meds she needed, we made sure that she and her cats had plenty of food and to this day, eight years later - we still check in on Stella and her cats.

Stella is just one of hundreds of seniors that go without because they cannot afford to feed their companion animals. That is why we work so hard to raise funds and to raise awareness. There are still so many left that are waiting for help.

The Generosity Challenge: A Twist that's Fun and full of Heart

We are starting today off with a donor whose heart is as big as his sense of adventure. He’s thrown down the gauntlet with a challenge that’s both a game and a mission. It’s not just about matching a donation; it’s about fulfilling a promise, a quota that represents our collective commitment to those we serve.

The Whiskers and Tails Surprise Grab Bag

Imagine a bag filled not just with items, but with moments of joy, little surprises that bring a smile, a laugh, a moment of just plain old aww. That’s what our Surprise Grab Bags are all about. Each one is a mystery, a collection of goodies that will brighten your day as much as your support brightens the lives of our families and their companion animals.

Priced at only $20 a piece, these bags are more than just merchandise; they’re parcels of hope. From June 8th to July 8th, one of our goals is to sell 5 bags each day to meet the quota that has been set for us. And, the other goal is to raise $2,500 to meet the matching donation challenge.

Every Dollar You Give, We Get Two

Here’s where the magic happens: for every $20 bag you purchase, our donor will match it. And when we hit our $2,500 target, he’ll match that too! Your generosity will be doubled, your kindness magnified.

{Keep in Mind that - Funds raised from the bag sales will not count towards the $2,500. They are two separate challenges.}

The need has never been greater. We have a list — a long one — of humans and their animal companions who rely on us. They look to us for veterinary care, prescription animal foods, special dietary foods, medications, and the basic necessities of life. Without the assistance we provide, these families and their animals will go without.

Supporting Our Seniors and Veterans 

Our seniors and veterans count on us for sustenance, for themselves and their furry friends. Your support ensures that no one is left behind, no meal is missed, and no companion animal goes without care.

We cannot face this challenge alone. We need your heart, your hands, and your generosity

Your support today is more than a donation; it’s a lifeline, a hug, a meal, a medication, a bed, a toy, a treat. It’s the difference between struggle and comfort, between worry and peace of mind.

We stand at a critical juncture, with donations lower than ever, yet the needs of our community and their companion animals remain high. They depend on us for veterinary care, special diets, medications, and essential supplies — and we depend on you.

We cannot face this challenge alone. We need your heart and your generosity

Join Us in This Endeavor

Purchase a Grab Bag, make a donation, and let’s not just meet this challenge — let’s surpass it together. Your involvement today can change lives tomorrow.

Let’s create ripples of change with every Grab Bag and every dollar. Together, we can turn this challenge into a triumph for our community and their beloved animals.

Be the reason someone smiles today. Support Whiskers and Tails.

To order a Grab bag simply email ReGina to set up a day and time to pick up. Email Grab bags are "Cash Only" and Porch Pick up. If you would also like to make a donation towards the $2,500 matching challenge, donations can be made online through our website's PayPal button.

Disclaimer: The contents of each grab bag are a surprise and intended for fun. While we disclose the general categories of items you may find inside, the specific contents will vary. We adhere to all Missouri laws regarding grab bag sales.”

Each bag has this label on it -

*** Description - The value of each bag ranges from $20 - $40.Value will not exceed $40

Bags Contents will vary by bag but mostly contain general household items, household decor, toiletries for men and women, novelty items, stationary, sports and seasonal items. 

Some bags contain items related to dogs and cats. 

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