Covid-19 VS Whiskers and Tails

WOW! What a start to the new year. COVID-19 has really done a number on our small

organization. First off almost all of the donation programs that we are partnered with

have been placed on temporary hold. Secondly, several foundations temporarily closed

all grant writing or grant awarding opportunities.

We had no idea what we were going to do.

We are a very small organization but, our services help over 400 families and all of their companion animals each year. They rely on us because they do not have humane resources in their area. What a nightmare! How are we going to continue to provide human and animal foods if donations are not available? How were we going to pay for the veterinary care for the animals of low to no income companion animal families?

We do not have a lot of financial resources, we do not have a crowd of donors just waiting on the way side to make a big donation or the option of funding through grants at the moment. Like I said, we are really small. We had to put our heads together and get very creative very fast. Animal medical emergencies or urgent situations do not wait.

We put out a post on facebook and thank goodness for caring people like you. Some donations came in and we were able to get animals in need to the vet. We were able to continue to feed those who were in need and we were able to continue to deliver human and animal food, cleaning supplies, paper products and of course animal care supplies and items.

We will never give up. No matter what battle we are up against we will do our best to overcome so that we can continue to help those who are truly in need. So, COVID - 19

YOU DO NOT WIN! Our families won and we will keep winning because we have the support of people who really care and we can never thank them enough.


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