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Every Holiday season we are offered some type of Match opportunity.

that sets a goal that we ask you to help us meet.

This year we are proud to announce that we have three matching.

opportunities that we think you are going to love to help us meet.

The first is a matching grant of $10,000. it is the second largest matching.

grant that we have tried to meet during the holidays season. It is a

matching funds grant that if matched would be awarded exactly thirty.

days after Christmas. We could help a lot of humans and animals.

if we could match that grant.

The second is from a private donor who would like to challenge other.

donors to meet or beat what they are offering. Whether you donate

the entire amount in one lump sum or lots of donors donate smaller

amounts until it all adds up the goal we are trying to meet. He will

match it dollar for dollar and that. donation will here before Christmas day.

Whiskers and Tails posts a tag of it's own every year. it lists the general needs

and wishes of our small organization. These needs go to help our families.

long after the holidays are over and donations slow way down. This year, if you

choose to virtually adopt Whiskers and Tails, we have a donor who will match

whatever you donate. item for item. He will match everything up to the total

amount of $2,500

Please help us to meet these goals this holiday season because this year the

need is even greater than it was last year.

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