Please - We need your help

Time has a way of getting away from you when you are busy trying to make a difference in your little corner of the world. Whiskers and Tails is a very small group made of only a handful of volunteers. We help low - no income companion animal families with human and animal foods, animal care supplies and items, clothing, the costs of vetting and so much more.

Because there is no other organization that does what we do, we go through our donations, resources and supplies pretty quick.

Because we are working on so many projects at one time - the few volunteers that we have are being stretched pretty thin.

It has come to the point to where we are in great need of help.

Financial help, physical help and item donation help.

It takes close to $3,000 per month to keep Whiskers and Tails going. Emergency and urgent care for animals, ongoing vetting, spay/neuter, surgeries, ongoing care as well as supplies and equipment. (most organization that work with animals only receive 1/3 of all donation given nation wide and when it comes to cats - the donations are even less). Cats out number dogs almost 20 - 1 and this year we have a lot of cats who are in need of medical care, supplies and prescription foods.

We have projects that are not getting done because we have no physical help at all. We have been posting to all groups that will allow it, we are on sites such as United Way and Volunteer Match and have not had any luck finding help.

Surely there are folks out there who have a little time that they would be willing to give to help our group be able to move forward.

Please - We need your help.

We need financial gifts and we need donated items and we need volunteers.

Please help us to continue to help others.


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