We are starting from scratch as we move right along with the new year. We have brand new pics and posts. Brand new and exciting upcoming events. A brand new needs list and a brand new volunteer project that you are going to love. We have updated our Virtual Adopting pics and added some new info there and we have also added some other sites that you can find us on.

Please visit each page and take a look.

You will notice that we have posted a brand new Project that we are in great need of both donations and volunteers for. We really need your help on this one.

Every year the number of cats that are in need of help seems to get bigger and bigger. While we still help dogs quite a bit we are finding that it is tougher to get sponsors for a cat then it is a dog. We really don't know why but it's true. We are hoping that this new year will bring us some new and caring sponsors.

Our first event of the year will be an online yard sale. Starting March 1st we will be posting one item per day until all of the items are gone or we have met our goal of raising $5,000. ( Whichever comes first). Keep an eye our for our posts on facebook. Lots of great deals to look out for.

So many new and wonderful updates on our site. Please take a look around. More new stuff will be added soon. .


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