When the new year rolled in, funding and physical help seemed to disappear. Over the last several years we have lost many donors to the economy and to various illnesses and eventually death. We have lost many volunteers to time and personal situations

There is a much greater need out there than most people realize. The elderly are in need of transportation, small home repairs and air conditioners as well as human and animal food and basic life needs items.

The middle aged are in need of car repairs, human and animal food, utility assistance, employment or help with finding the right kind of assistance to see if they are eligible for disability.

There are women, children and animals who are leaving domestic violence situations and for most of these folks who have animals, there really is not many places to turn to.

Whiskers and Tails is the only group in our community and in the several counties that surround us who offers the types and aids and services that can help in these situations.

We are the only group that offers both human and animal food as well as animal care supplies and items, small home repair, clothing, basic life needs items, cleaning supplies and personal hygiene items. We are the only group in the area that offers assistance with the cost of spay/neuter, animal medical care and that goes into the home and helps the elderly and physically and emotionally impaired individuals care for their companion animals.

Because we are the only group that provides the types of assistance and aid that we do, we often find ourselves without funds, without donated items and without any physical help at all.

While we do take the time twice per year to research and find grants and apply for grants, we will often need financial help before those grants are awarded.

Right now is one of those times. We need both financial and item donations more than ever right now and we need volunteers right now more than ever. We still have a lot of humans and animals to help and we still have a lot of work to do and we just cannot do it all by ourselves.

Please make a donation and please volunteer today. We rely on your donations and your help to continue doing what we do.


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