From the Board of Whiskers and Tails

Our founder and director ReGina Edmondosn is experiencing some major health issues right now and while we are praying for her to get better because she is our rock - we are also very worried. There is so much to do and while she has tried so hard to get both physical and financial help, it is just not happening. Sadly, there are some folks that keep offering to volunteer but, they just do not follow through. There have also been a few folks who have offered to send or make donations that we have not seen yet.

We are really small. We are the only group in our area that offers the kinds of assistance that we offer. We need a lot of help because our families and animals are in great need. We are not connected with any government groups, other organizations or foundations that offer ongoing funding. We rely solely on donations from the public. In other words, we rely on you.

We have a huge to do list of things that have to get done and time is running out.

We have hundreds of companion and unwanted animals that are waiting patiently to receive their ongoing or urgent medical care, prescription foods and meds and parasite control. We have low - no income companion animal families that are in great need of assistance with special foods, basic life needs items and so much more. We have elderly and physically/mentally impaired folks that are in need of small and large home repairs and we do not have the funds or materials to provide these things at this time.We have folks that need heat and air conditioning. Folks that are in need of items and services that would not normally be donated.

We have helped so many since the first of the year that our resources are gone before they even come in. Donations always go down after the holidays but, the need is still there.

One of our biggest "TO DO" things is that we also have a space that has been donated to us to use in the future that would benefit not only the humans and animals that we help but, the area that we serve too. It would bring youth and seniors together. It would provide historic preservation, history, education, a broader range of outreach and assistance and it would be our first ever real brick and mortar facility.

The problem is that we just cannot get enough help and materials.

We are in great need of building materials of all kinds. Both skilled and caring and reliable volunteers. We will not meet any goals with out Financial gifts and a huge variety of donated items.

We need your help right now. Would you please make a donation or volunteer so that we can continue to help both humans and animals that are in great need.?


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