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Just a note for folks that keep asking. Whiskers and Tails is not an animal shelter. We do not house or take in unwanted, feral or stray animals. That is not what we do. Our group is an outreach and assistance group.

One of the many things that we do is to try to find help for feral and stray animals and in some major situations - companion animals that become unwanted because their owner died, they have been dumped or abandoned or something like that.

We do not help companion animals that have families that choose to "get rid of them' for whatever reason. Those families can take the time to do some research on the best and safest alternative for the animal. Such as a rescue, animal shelter or rehoming for a fee on social media.

( do not ever give an animal away free to good home because you do not know if that home is going to be good for the animal. - more on that in another blog.)

One of our main goals is to keep animals at home or to increase owner retention by helping low income companion animal families with the basic needs of life for them and for their animals. There is no reason to give up an animal because you cannot get food and other much needed items. Help is out there.

Another one of our goals is to decrease over-population by helping low income companion animals and their families through vouchers for spay/neuter. We also make sure that any feral or stray animal that we help is spayed or neutered, disease tested, given all of their shots and at least a basic medical examination or if needed - medical care.

There are far too many unwanted animals in our area right now. Our group will not allow the animals that we are trying to help to add to those huge numbers.

. We have a list of pre-approved companion animals, ferals and strays and low - no income companion animal families that we try to help throughout the year and in some cases, we offer assistance for more than one year. We do our best to stick to that list because our group cannot take on more humans and animals because of the lack of funding and the lack of resources and manpower.

This means that we may not be able to help folks that inquire about help outside of that list.

Our group serves close to 213 low - no income companion animal families per year and the average family has between 2 - 4 animals. We just do not get enough funding to go beyond the families and animals that are already being helped.

We do the best that we can with the funding and items that we are awarded or that has been donated. Our funding comes from your donations and the grants that we research and apply for. We are not affiliated with any government entity or ongoing funding programs. As donations and funding allow, we help with things like animal medical care, prescription foods, meds, spay/neuter, ongoing and urgent care and the like.

We help with dog and cat food, cat litter and other animal care supplies and items. Our group covers the cost of services and supplies such as :veterinary care, purchasing prescription foods, meds, animal care supplies and items as well as the ongoing care of animals with chronic issues.

Our group covers the costs of many items that are not donated on a regular basis such as human food, size 3 x and 4x clothing, help with utility bills, furniture, small and a few large home repairs, holiday meals, gifts and decorating items, winter gear and so much more.

Our group helps seniors, young and middle aged adults and infants. We help in situations of domestic violence, displaced home makers and the unemployed. We help folks fill community service hours and we also offer a huge variety of volunteer projects and programs.

We are the only group in our area that offers these kinds of services, projects and programs.

To help all of these humans and animals takes close to $3,400 per month.

For services, for animal care supplies and items, for furniture and appliances, for ongoing animal care, for so much more. We just cannot do all of this alone.

We need all of the help that we can get. Every single donation counts. Please take a closer look at our website site. Read all of the information provided and that way you will find out what Whiskers and Tails is all about.

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