Hope for the Holidays 2017

We have been helping humans and animals for close to 20 years. One of our biggest programs is our Hope for the Holidays program. We ask our low - no income companion animal families to fill out a form that tells us what they believe their greatest needs are and at least one wish that would have if someone were to adopt them for the holidays.

We ask visitors to our website to Grab A Tag and Grant A Wish.

The last few years have been so amazing in the fact that so many of our families, animals and elderly have been adopted and had their needs and wishes filled. We delivered over 121 boxes this year and we were only helping just over 65 elderly and a few families. ( Quite a cut in numbers from previous years but, manpower, resources and funding were very limited ).

Most of the folks just wanted small things like human and animal food. Some wanted gift cards for home repairs and the like. Some wanted items to assist in medical needs and some just wanted holiday greeting cards.

Thank you to everyone that stepped up and donated funds, items, food, gifts and more. We could not have helped so many without you. Our families appreciated it. The animals appreciated it and we certainly appreciated each and every single gift that walked through our doors this year.


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