For Our Founder's Birthday

August 19th is our Founder's birthday. She will be 54 years old and she not only started this organization, she runs it day in and day out. Doing a lot of the work completely by her self. Although her son and husband help out a lot too, there are quite a few things that only she can

do.Grant writing, planning and hosting events and social media and things like that.

Our full board and our advisory board have decided that our Founder deserves to have at one wish granted on her birthday and that one wish is to get some much needed help.

Whiskers and Tails is a very small. Missouri based, all – volunteer organization(no one in the organization is ever paid to help the humans or the animals),We provide aid and assistance to both low to no income companion animal families and feral, stray and unwanted animals. We operate on both grants and donations from the public.

For months now we have been asking for financial help, physical help and the help of getting donated building materials. Winter is on its way and we have several elderly humans that we are trying to help and quite a few stray and feral animals and of course the companion animals of the elderly and the disabled.

We need funds for supplies, services and items that are not normally donated such as spay/neuter surgeries, both emergency and non - emergency medical care, prescription foods, exercise toys and equipment, 36" and 42" wire dog crates, crate bowls, animal care supplies and items, basic life needs items,all kinds of building materials from roofing to siding and more.

We also need funds to purchase a large generator, scaffolding and 6 (yes six) 25,000

BTU window unity heat pumps.

The animals deserve our help because they are living breathing beings and someone has to care enough to make sure that they are okay and well cared for.

Many of the families that we work with wouldn’t give up their animals for anything. Even though they are struggling themselves, they want to keep their entire family together. They often cannot afford animal medical care, spay/neuter surgeries, special supplies or prescription foods. This is where we come in. We help them with these kinds of needs so that they can keep their companion at home where they belong.

The feral, stray and unwanted animals really do not have anyone that cares for them. No one offers them medical care, food or altering except for us. They have no one to turn to if they are hurt, sick, pregnant or young and might end up pregnant. We help them with the donations that you give.

One of the many services that we provide is helping the elderly to get through the seasons safely and with the items that they need to make sure that they will alright. Far too many times we enter one of their homes and discover that they do not have even the basic needs of life.

We all want to be warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It is especially important for the elderly. They are more prone to heat strokes and freezing then much younger folks.

This year we have several elderly people that do not have working furnaces. We have discovered that it is less expensive and a much better choice to hook up a window unit heat pump.

Most elderly folks that live alone have literally cut off part of their home. They usually spend their days in a chair by the front room window and many of them sleep in those chairs too. They do not want the hassle of a new furnace nor the expense considering that they live in just a small part of their house.

We know that the winter months are coming and they will be followed by the long hot days of summer. Window unit heat pumps can last up to ten years and they are well worth the time and effort to install when it means that these folks will be warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

All of our programs were designed and created to help both humans and animals and a lot of time folks simply do not understand how it all works.

We are referred to or discover a family or animal in need. We go to the home or the area to check out the situation. Once we have determined that a need is there – we find out exactly what we can do to help.

WE are about one year behind. The need in our area is so great that we have more families to help than we have the donations to cover. The needs could be as simple as canned foods or as great as home repair or emergency medical care for their animals.

What a lot of folks do not understand or know is - our families do not have transportation and many of them live out in the country. They are not close enough to walk, many can't anyway and most do not have families or friends close by to take them to sign up for food pantries or other forms of assistance.


If possible we do our very best to connect our families with the proper organization(s) for immediate help that we are not qualified to offer such as assistance with housing, medical care, social security and the like.

We have helped with housing and set up for victims of domestic violence.

We get these families food, basic life needs items, help with getting them to work if they are looking, we help with clothing and holiday meals and gift and decorating items. We help with animal care supplies and items and if funds allow we also help with spay/neuter and animal medical care.

For feral and stray animals it could be a bad area and the animal needs to be relocated or a rescue contacted that could offer housing, fostering or adoption. ( we are not a licensed shelter and we do not house ferals, strays or companion animals for folks).

Ferals and strays must be altered and they must get medical care because they are often in great need of all of the above. They have no one to care for them on a regular basis and often are sick, pregnant or both. We make sure that they get their shots, get altered, are tested for communicable diseases and are given a little bit of TLC. (Which is much deserved).

All kinds of Building Materials Are Needed Right Now

While we help with many small and a few large home repair projects for the elderly and disabled, we are also working on a some community projects that are basically on hold right now because of a lack of funds, materials and man power.

We need funds to purchase items that will not be donated. We need materials to complete the project and we need both skilled and caring volunteers to help us to get this huge project off of the drawing board and into reality.

Right now there are not enough donations coming in to address many of these huge needs. Most of the funds that are coming in are specific use and cannot be used for other projects. The few ongoing donations that come in are being used to help humans and animals that have been on the waiting list for far too long.

Both skilled and caring Volunteers are needed right now.

It is a hard thing for a non-profit to admit but, we have had mostly community service people that are not reliable and many people contact us but, do not follow through. It is so easy to say that you will do something but, it is pretty hard to actually do it. There are just so many different projects going on here all at one time.

We need people that will not only say they will do it but, that will actually follow through, show up and get the project done.

We are looking for contractors, builders, roofing and siding and door and window replacement specialists, painters, plumbers, electricians and people that can move and shift items from one building to another and organize the items that go to each place. We are looking for landscaping folks that really know their stuff and concrete people that are not afraid to do a project that has never been done before.

Grant researchers and writers, event planners that can plan, set up and take down, people that can pick up donations for us and people that would be willing to find those donations.

People that are willing to share our posts and actually keep up with what we have going on.

Are you the person that we are looking for?

Please help us to grant a birthday wish for our Founder. After almost tweny years of hard work, after all of the lives that she has saved and changed - she deserves a little bit of help.

Happy Birthday, ReGina


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