Christmas Wishing Tree: The Great Impact

Every year since 1999 we host a project called, "Hope for the Holidays". This project raises funds and gathers things like holiday meals, decorating and gift items, home repair and weatherization items, clothing, food, personal hygiene items, cleaning supplies and of course animal care supplies and items. (The wishes of the humans and animals that we help are quite unique).

These items and funds are used to help low- no income pets and their families as well as unwanted, feral, stray and dumped dogs, cats, puppies and kittens for the holidays and throughout the long, cold winter months ahead.

This year the need is even greater than it was the year before. The numbers in need are in the hundreds and we cannot do it alone. We have partnered with Earlene Lash Troby of Troby’s Appliance Center in Harrisonville, MO. She started an Adopt A Family for the Holidays Facebook group because she truly wants to help and we are working together to do try to meet the needs of struggling families in the area. ( Not just companion animal families. We are trying to help as many as we can this year).

"The Wishing Tree" is a Christmas tree that we set up in front of our office in Peculiar to raise awareness of all of the humans and animals that are struggling in the community. Folks can walk right up to it and grab a tag for a human or animal that they would really like to help. They can choose from an infant, child or children, teens, adults, adults with disabilities, seniors or a companion or unwanted animal. The tags are inside of the Christmas cards and each tag tells the wishes and needs of a human or animal or both.

All you have to do is grab your tag, make a financial donation to cover the wishes of whoever you chose, (this is called a virtual adoption ) and let us do the shopping or pay the bill or get the items that is on their wish list, or, you can do the shopping yourself and then drop the items and the tag off at our office at 185 West Broadway in Peculiar, MO or Troby’s Appliance Center which is located at 200 Plaza Drive in Harrisonville MO. ( Your donations may be tax deductible. You can check with your accountant or tax professional because we do provide a tax receipt upon request).

We are making it so easy for you to help us to help families and animals that are really struggling. Not just for the holidays but, for the long, cold winter season too. Help us to bring about a little "Hope for the Holidays" by finding our Wishing Tree. We hope that you will Grab a tag and Grant a Wish today.

For more info you can visit our website at

Or our facebook page at

Or you can e-mail ReGina Edmondson at

More tags will be added daily and deadline for dropping off donations is December 20th.

We appreciate any help that you might want to give.

Thank you and Merry Christmas.

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