Mid Year Re-Cap

Thank you to everyone that helped us accomplish some pretty big projects in the first 6 months of this year.

Ealier this year on Facebook we asked for help for a little girl with cancer that had a dog named TinkerBelle that liked to bark and howl and the neighbor was complaining and the fear was - Sammi might lose her dog? Well, The project is done. The room is soundproofed, the updates are done and both Sammi and TinkerBelle are enjoying quality time together in their new "neighbor cannot hear a thing" space. It was really tough getting help on this one because there was a legal issue involved

so we could not give out a lot of personal info but, we pulled in some individuals and got the job done. HOORAY! Thank - you so much Go- Getters MO. and Barry S., Tanya T., Dan D, Bully Busters and Donovan Gerdy. You answered the call when no one else would. Understood the situation and literally helped a very sick little girl keep her bestest friend in the entire world.

We helped five victims of domestic violence that had both children and animals get into safe places, get set up and three of the five women already have new jobs and they are starting out on their new lives with both help and hope. I want to thank the people that had both faith and confidence in us that supported the efforts of getting these little families out of bad situations and into safe, happy ones. Lynne C. , Don M. , Jill A., Mark and Sherri T. and Meghan H. You truly made a difference in the lives of the animals, children and those women.

Marjorie ( an elderly woman still living in her home ) with her cat Sebastian gained a new friend and supporter through Jill A. She has brought food for both Marjorie and Sebastian. She has brought cleaning items and gave us a gift card to help repair Marjorie's bedroom wall that you could see daylight through. Thank - you Jill for caring enough to help us to help Marjorie and Sebastian. They love you for it and so do we. I personally have to thank Jill one more time for stepping up and helping Tiggy. A senior cat that has cancer of the mouth, a gum infection as well as severely bad teeth. She is way too old to undergo surgeries of any kind and will eventually die

from her issues but, Jill A. made a donation that covered almost the entire bill and Elaine K. covered the rest. Tiggy has soft foods that she can tolerate eating and she has meds to help with the pain. The two people that helped us with her saved her life ( at least for a little while longer ) and that means everything to me and to her family as well as to Tiggy.

Now, I have to thank Sarah C. and Nikki C. They spent hours washing buckets that we load animal food in. The last 100 buckets went out this week and one bucket of food will feed 34 cats or 10 dogs for one week. Thank - you ladies for your help and for your time. I know a lot of animals that will be enjoying that food.

I met a wonderful woman by the name of Lynn C. that has helped us several times. She has helped with not only financial and item donations but, by volunteering too. I love this woman and I think she has the biggest heart in the world. She and her daughter Sarah C. have helped us to cover medical expenses, gather gift and food items for our families at Christmas time and helped with things like heat, funds and so much more. I cannot ever thank them enough.

One last big thing as we begin June. We created a Facebook post and put it out on several groups to try to get some help for another elderly woman who had never collected any benefits in her life and had been living off of the savings that her husband left for her. While we got a a ton of messages that shared resources, info and ideas with us we also got some messages from people that really wanted to help. Some came through and some did not but, we did get her

utility bill covered Thank - You Lynn C. and Lauren B-F , and we did manage to get her a gently used fridge and some food and cleaning supplies, Thank - you Kayla M and Sisie V. , flea prevention, Thank - you Cass County Animal Hospital and some small home furnishings were donated for her.

Here is where I have to put some bad news into our good news post (Sorry folks, we are a small non-profit after all) It might take us a bit and it might be a tough journey but, we do get our families and animals the help that they need one way or another. Whether it is by using our own personal resources or gaining grants or donations. We do what we saywe do and that is how we get things done.Donations and volunteering has been slow this year but we refuse to give up.

You can find us all over the internet. On Sites such as United Way, Just Give, Donor Edge, Guide Star, Greater Kansas City Community Foundation, The IRS Charitiable Organizations Site, The Attorney General's Check a Charity, Bissell Partners For Pets, Missouri Secreatary

of State and many, many more.

Thanks for checking out our new website at the link listed at the top of this note( we are still working out the kinks and have new stories, family of the month and cat/dog of the month to change out but, we will get that done too.

Thanks for reading this rather long Good News Release and thank you to everyone that believes in us and supports what we do.We cannot change lives or save lives without you.

We are certainly not new to the non-profit world and have bult up a solid, great reputation.

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