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Hope for the Holidays 2023 
September 5th - December 18th 

How It Works 

The images below this section are called tags.  Each tag tells a short story of

the human or humans that is up for virtual adoption this year.  Their tag also

lists their needs and at least one wish. And, the needs and wishes of their companion animals. Click on the Santa and the images will enlarge. All you do is scroll through, read their stories and decide who you would like to virtually adopt. You can adopt more than one family or individual.   

Please note the tags stay up the entire holiday season. We do not want any of our families or individuals to lose hope thinking that they will not be adopted.


Once you have decided on who you are going to adopt you can either donate directly to us for us to do the shopping or you can do the shopping and drop the gifts and packages off at our office in Peculiar Missouri. 

You choose whether you want to wrap the gifts, or you want us to. You decide how much you want to spend on whoever you adopt. There is no minimum or maximum.

Don't forget to make sure that each package has the name of the person or family that you chose to adopt on it so it will make it to the right person. 

All gifts, packages and donations must be here no later than December 18th

at 7 PM.  

You can email us directly for more information or to find out who is still available for virtual adoption at

Click Right On Santa Claus to Enlarge 


We want you to be able to stretch every single one of those hard-earned Virtual Adoption dollars, so we are providing a list of items that we have already received through general donations and our donation programs. 

These items will go out to all of our families in addition to other gifts and care packages that include items they had on their lists before posting the tags.

These items will not be on some of the tags needs lists because they have already been set aside for them. Some tags might list clothing in the event that we do not have that particular size or we ran out of that item(s). 

Items we have received in bulk so far

Dog food (8 pallets - variety) 

4 pallets of regular cat litter

Clothing, coats, hats, shoes, boots, socks, gloves, scarfs, sweaters, purses and wallets.   

400 Vouchers for frozen turkeys  

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