Hope for the Holidays 2022 

We are ready to kick off the holiday season with the start of our Hope for the Holidays 2022 Program. To adopt a human or animal for Christmas all you need to do is look through their tags in the album below.   Decide who you would like to be Secret Santa for and let us know.    (You can adopt more than one family, human or animal  if you would like to  ) As usual, all tags will stay up and posted until every single human and animal has been adopted. The holidays are a hard and depressing time for a lot of folks who are struggling financially, we want to keep hope going and that is why we keep the tags up.

Just email us at whiskersandtails2@gmail.com to get more info or to see if the human or animal you want to adopt is still available.   


This year Hope for the Holidays will begin on October 25th  with all gifts and packages sent or delivered  to us by December 10th,  no later than 7 PM.  We want to make sure that everyone gets their gifts or packages by Christmas Eve. 

Remember to always check back with us for humans and animals that might be added at a later date

( We will be adding a few more tags in the coming week ) . 

A heads up for perspective adopters -  We were donated 59 super size bags of clothing, coats, hats scarves & gloves. A variety of sizes as well as bedding and towels.  If the tag or tags you choose does not have clothing or a size for clothing listed on it - that means we had enough clothing to meet that need. 

Also for your FYI - We have been donated laundry soap, cleaning supplies and cat litter.  We hope this will help you to make the most of your virtual adoption budget.  

Please take a look at the Whiskers and Tails main wish list below.   It's been a tough year.  Meeting a few wishes on our list would help a lot of humans and animals throughout the coming year. 

hfth 22  Whiskers and Tails main wish list 2 .png

Grab a Tag & Fill a Need or Grant a Wish or two

   The tags are in the grid below  To view  a tag simply click on it 

                You can virtually adopt as many as you would like 

         Remember all tags will stay up until the holidays are over 

                          All available info is on each tag 

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HFTH Special Seniors & Vital Vets
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