Hello and Merry Christmas Everyone.

We are so proud to announce that this is our 20th year of offering our "Hope for the Holidays"  Program.  This program offers low - no income companion animals and their families as well as ferals and strays the opportunity to be virtually adopted for the holidays.

This means that we are working hard to fill a lot of basic needs and perhaps grant a wish or two.

Throughout the holiday season we will be adding more tags and remember to keep checking back for some very special tags that we will be posting in the month of December.

We have a few tags to start out with from some folks who are really hoping to be adopted. Their needs might be larger than most but, they truly deserve your careful consideration.

Keep in mind that we are serving homeless folks, victims of domestic violence, seniors, veterans, animals who have no family at all and families who have animals but are truly struggling just to make ends meet.

This year has been one of the worst years for so many individuals and families. We know that it is going to be extra hard this year to get our families and animals adopted but, we are hopeful that every single one will be adopted by someone who understands what it's like to be in need. Especially during the holidays.

You can make a financial donation online and we do the shopping for you or you can adopt a family, do the shopping and drop off your gifts for the family you choose by our office in Peculiar MO. You can snail mail your donation, have your donation shipped or you can choose to send gift cards through our Amazon or Chewy.com Wish lists. It is totally up to you.

Please do not forget that you can Virtually Adopt Whiskers and Tails Too. We have a main wish list posted right on this page.

Help us to celebrate 20 years of helping humans and animals by adopting as many families as you can.

       It is so easy to do and it makes all of the difference in the world to our families and their animals. 

                           Thank you so much . We truly appreciate your help and your support.

     Keep scrolling to find more info, our main wish list and those amazing Hope for the Holidays Tags

 Scroll through and read some of our tags. To see it larger just click on the tag.

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