Whiskers and Tails provides aid and assistance to abandoned, feral, and stray animals. We also provide assistance to low-income companion animals and their families. We rely on the generous donations of people that truly care about making a difference. People just like you.

Please Donate

We help low-income companion animal families and individuals who desire to keep their pets and are in need of short-term assistance. 

Here are ways that you can help:

Make sure to tell your friends and family about our organization.

Keep in mind that our site uses safe/convenient Pay Pal

  • Make a one-time donation

  • Donations can also be made by check or money order - Po Box 83 Peculiar, MO 64078

  • Set up recurring monthly donations

  • Virtually adopt a family and/or animal

  • Sponsor a family and or an animal(s)

  • Sponsor an event

  • Donate gift cards 

  • Volunteer special skills and services

  • Deferred Gift Annuity 

  • Charitable Gift Annuity 

  • Employer's Giving Programs

  • Planned giving like a Legacy Gift through estate/financial planning.

No donation is too small/ Every penny counts!

Needs & Wish Lists

Cat Food and Cat Litter

Purina Cat Chow Complete

Fresh Step non scented cat litter

Grain Free dog food

Gas cards and Gift Cards

Many of the elderly and homeless people that we deliver food to are in great need of gas cards. Homeless folks use them to have folks take them to appointments for assistance or job interviews. The elderly use them to get to their doctor visits.

Gift cards for wal mart, home depot, grocery stores and the like offer us the opportunity to get the supplies and items that we need to continue to purchase items such as food, building materials, animal care supplies and items and the like.

Paper Products

Paper towels, paper cups ( plastic ones like solo cups), toilet paper, 30 gallon or greater heavy duty trash bags and paper cups. Zip lock 1 gallon freezer and food storage bags.

Personal Care items

Liquid and bar hand soap, shower soap for both men and women, shampoo and conditioner.

Laundry soap, bleach, Blue Dawn Original Dish soap.

Human Foods

Canned vegetables, canned fruits, soups, boxed dinners, sugar, flour, oats, snacks for children and the elderly.

Building Materials

Roofing, sheet rock, 2x4's, siding, plywood, insulation and flooring.

Sponsors Needed

Sponsors Urgently Needed

You can become a one time, more than one time or ongoing sponsor for a cat that we are working with this year. Right now we are working hard to help close to 300 cats, ( Both feral and companion cats).  It takes close to $3,000 per month to provide ongoing care, basic medical care, check ups, surgeries, meds, prescription foods, special foods and so much more.

We need your help to continue to provide these life saving services for animals that have families that cannot afford medical care and for animals that have no families at all.

You can also sponsor a low - no income companion animal family. They often need human food, cleaning supplies and items. personal hygiene items and of course animal care supplies and items.

All that you have to do to sponsor a family or an animal is click on our Pay Pal Donate Button. You can specify what you want to do in the message portion your donation.

Thank you in advance for helping us because we cannot do this alone.

Donations For General Operating Costs

Whiskers and Tails has no paid employees. We are all volunteer. Our general operating expenses include day to day operations such as gasoline, u-haul rentals, insurance, office supplies and equipment, veterinary services, the purchase of supplies and items that are not normally donated, meeting our mission , ( spay/neuter, animal medical care, assisting humans and of course - the expense of delivering food, clothing, animal care supplies and items and basic life needs items to all of the families and animals that we help across five counties.

We rely on your generous donations to operate. We do not receive any kind or type of ongoing funding from the state or local agencies to do what we do. We apply for a few grants throughout the year as time allows and that is it.

We need your help to continue to be able to help others

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