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Support Whiskers and Tails

Low income companion animal families and individuals should not have to "get

rid of " or be forced to "put their animals down" because they cannot afford

animal medical care. 

By taking action right now  you will be helping us to help companion animals stay at home where they belong. You will be helping us to help humans who are facing some of the most difficult times in their lives.

Your gift will be put to work immediately to help with the costs of getting animal medical care, prescription foods, animal care supplies and items that can and will save the lives of companion animals whose families cannot afford food or vetting.   

Your gift will help us to quickly purchase human foods and other basic life needs for the families of the companion animals who are truly struggling right now. 

We believe in providing these vital programs  to companion animals and their families because

we know that thanks to your kindness and compassion - we are changing and saving lives.  

Your support is what really makes a difference for our companion animals and their families - 

Because, we can't do what we do without YOU!

Give Today!


My name is Ghost.   I was really sick and my former human shoved me into a  tiny carrier and threw me into  a ditch filled with partially frozen water. 

It was under 5 degrees outside and part of my body had to remain in the ice cold water for a long time. I wish I could tell someone how long I was there before a wonderful, elderly human found me.

I was so cold and I hurt so bad.

She did her best to try to help me but, she didn't have enough money to take me to the vet.  She didn't know that I had pneumonia, or that I was severely dehydrated and it was making my kidneys try to shut down.

Whiskers and Tails  found out about me and came and took me to the vet so that I could get the medical care I needed.  It took me a long time to get better but, I  did get better.

 I am healthy now, happy and loved.

My human got help too.   And now, we both have food and the supplies that we need to be able to continue to live.  I get to go the vet if I need to and that means a lot.  

Thanks to a kind and caring human  just like you who made the donation that  saved my life and helped my human. 

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Thank you 

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Volunteer in Person 

Virtually Volunteer 

Donate Items for the

companion animals or


If you know of a business that wants to sponsor a small nonprofit - please let us know. 

Ask your employer if they have a matching gift program. 

You can make a one time donation

or you can set up a recurring donation. 

We encourage recurring donations to make it more convenient for our donors. 

Encourage your friends to meet or beat your donation

You can host a fundraiser in person or on Facebook

                     Spread the word about our                          organization and its                                            mission. 

              Immediate Needs 

Amazon Wish List 

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construction/repair and concrete skills

Sponsors for humans, animals and our retail donation programs


Financial Gifts 

Gift Cards -
Home depot, Lowes, Target, 
Walmart, Price Chopper, ETC. 

5   X - Large Wire Dog Crates

Heavy Duty 30 gallon or greater
trash bags

Purina Dog Chow 
Both large breed & small bites

Fancy Feast Canned Cat Food 
Gravy Lovers

This tiny organization made a big difference in my life at a time when I had no one to turn to.   My dog was sick and my vet, friends and everybody told me that because I couldn't afford to take him to the vet that I should either take him to the animal shelter or give him away to somebody.  My vet even suggested that I just put him down. 

 I guess that sometimes people don't realize what your animal means to you. I found out about Whiskers and Tails and it saved his life.   

When my personal and financial situation changed and I had the extra money to do it - this was the first place I came to. I wanted to help Whiskers and Tails change someone else's

life like they did mine.   

Todd W. and T Rex   ( my Senior,  Very much alive & healthy German Shepard. ) 

I found Tara ( my himmy cat ) in a box that was taped up inside of a trash bag and thrown into the dumpster at the restaurant I worked at.   She was dirty, matted, very thin and very sick.   My work had done a fundraiser for a small non profit that helped animals and humans, it was called, Whiskers and Tails.   I contacted them and they helped me to cover all of her expenses and they even helped me with food, litter and the other supplies that I needed to take care of her.   I don't make a lot of money at my job but I fell in love with this cat and I wanted to take her home with me.   Whiskers and Tails made that possible. Tara is doing great now. She has gained weight and she has a long beautiful coat of silvery hair. Her blue eyes and glossy and gorgeous when she looks up at me. She knows she is loved and she knows she will never be mistreated or dumped like that again. 

She is my best friend and her life was saved because of a tiny little organization called Whiskers and Tails and the people who support them. 

Remmi W. 

My name is Charles.  I have two older dogs that I found out in the middle of the woods while I was hunting for mushrooms over ten years ago. 

Their names are Gilli & Skip.   They are black labs and pretty good sized.   I had retired some years before I  found the dogs and so I live on a small fixed income. 

Well, we got into quite a mess about three years ago. Somehow or another it was decided that I had died. I lost my monthly checks and didn't know what I was going to do.  I tried calling them to get it all straightened out but, they told me a bunch of mumbo jumbo that I didn't understand. Before I knew it we had no food, no utilities and both dogs ended up getting sick at the same time.  I had already had one heart attack and felt like I was getting ready to have another one. IT was way more stressful than I could deal with. A neighbor contacted Whiskers and Tails and in less than sixty days I was "resurrected" and my checks started coming once again. The boys were vetted and we had food on the table and in their bowls.     What an amazing little group.

Being in a position that makes you feel less than human when you have to ask for help  is one of the worst feelings  in the world.   You just wish that you could go somewhere and hide.  When you call around and ask people about dog food and cat food and no one can offer you any if you dont have the money to buy it   When your animals get sick and you have no money, no vet will see your animal and you start to wander if he or she is going to live or die.   I was almost on the edge of losing what little self esteem and mind that I had left. I was hungry, my animals were sick and there was no place in the area that I lived in that could o help in any way at all.  This one place told me about an organizations called Whiskers and Tails. 

I only wish that I would have known about them before going any place else. They turned everything around for me and my animals. 

Today, I have my GED and I am taking college classes on line. My dog and two cats are fixed, vetted and we all have food.  It's like coming into the light when you have been in the darkness for so long. No hatred or snide comments about why I had no money. No discrimination because of my personal choices. None of that. They just came in, saw our need and filled it. 

I love this organization and the people who volunteer with it. Our lives have been changed forever. Thank you to the donors who make this happen. Your donations saved my animals and to be honest - they saved me too. 

John S     Smoke and Shadow and Luke 

My name is Sharon  M.  

I was introduced to this organization through a volunteer program at my school.   At first I thought they were some kind of animal shelter or rescue because of their name.   

I soon found out they are not an animal shelter. They are this tiny little group that does some really big things.   

I have never seen such dedicated people who work so hard and get nothing out of it but the joy of helping people and their pets.   My schooling and my life took me out of Missouri but a huge piece of my heart is still there.  It is still with that tiny little group that makes such a big difference for so many.   

And, the do stuff for people and animals that they don't even list on their website anywhere -   they bring smiles to the faces of a lot of seniors and veterans who have nobody. I have seen them sit on the porches of a lot of older people and listen to them for hours. I have seen them deliver hot meals to people who would otherwise sit there with nothing.   This groups is it. It is the real thing. This group is what is known as small, grass roots. They get in, roll their sleeves up and get to work. 

No pay. No days off and certainly not a lot of physical help but, they manage to get it done. 

If you sit down and think about it there are not very many groups in our area that do all of the things that this group does for both humans and animals. As a matter of fact, you would be lucky if you found any at all. I know how lucky I was when I found this group. I needed help in the worse way and everyone that I went to told me there was no such thing as a place that helped both humans and animals.  How funny now that I look back on it. This group has been around for over twenty years. I had three sick cats. I was living in the garage of a friend. We had no real heat and we were all on the verge of freezing to death. I had left an abusive boyfriend. I took my cats with me. 

Whiskers and Tails came in, got us all vetted and cared for and they even found me a job, a place to stay and got me on the path to a whole new life. They changed everything for us. 

I know money is tight for everyone right now. I know that people are unsure about what our future holds but I know something else too  This group is the real deal. They just care and get this- the founder/director and CEO is the one who greets you and asks you what you need.  She doesn't even get paid.   Now that is for real. She does this because she really cares. 

If you are going to make donations to something - donate to this little group. The money goes where they say it goes and not into the pocket of some big wig CEO.   

ReGina and her Volunteers are awesome. Go meet them for yourself. Go help and go make a donation. You will see that they get it all done.

Mary R.    and the Aristocats  Marie   Duchess and Toulouse 

I work very hard for my money. I am not a rich woman but I am a caring one. I reserve a certain amount of money for various charities and causes that I am passionate about.  

I came across Whiskers and Tails by pure accident. 

A friend was in need of humane assistance. She could not afford to vet her very sick cat. I did some searching on line and discovered this little group that helps both humans and animals. I had to check them out. 

I went and volunteered with them right at Christmas time. Even though I did not deliver packages because they have a group that, I got to see first hand the time and care they put into each care package and gift that goes out. I asked questions and I got answers. 

Being such a small organization  I cannot believe how they do all that they do and manage to help so many.  

Well, to cut this story short - my friend got the help that she needed wit her cat and for herself. You know, food and a few gifts and a some cleaning supplies. The cat who got much better and lived through the emergency even got a stocking stuffed wit treats and toys. 

 I saw the items come in and I saw them go out in a timely, orderly fashion. 

I donated $50 that first Christmas that I worked with them and I have been donating ever since.   This is one group that really does what they say they are doing. This is one group that I will always support. 

Maybe you should volunteer and check them out too. You would be amazed at what you see. You won't want send your hard earned money anywhere else. 

Theresa C. 

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