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Whiskers and Tails 
PO Box 83 
( mailing only ) 
185 West Broadway  
(physical only ) 
Peculiar MO 
Office 816 974 0442
We do receive a lot of phone 
calls/messages and emails.
It might take  us a few days
to get back with you. 

Office Hours are by appointment only. 
Please call or email to schedule your 
appointment ahead of time.  

Some 'FYI'  From the Board of Whiskers and Tails -   

Whiskers and Tails is a very small, all - volunteer Missouri registered, 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization that helps pre-approved, low to income companion animals and their families. Our goal is to keep dogs, cats puppies and kittens in their own home instead of being sent to overcrowded animal shelters or having to be put down or given away because their families cannot afford their care. 


Whiskers and Tails is not an animal shelter. We do not do animal adoptions and we do not take in feral, stray or unwanted animals. Please Contact your local animal rescue, animal shelter or police department.   For the safety of the animal - do not offer him or her as "free to good home"  or just give them away to some stranger.  Do your research. Find them a safe, great forever home.  And, make sure they are spayed or neutered. There are a lot of free or low cost spay/neuter programs that are available out there. 

Please - do not harm them just because you do not want them.   It is not their fault 

Applications for assistance are pulled from our waiting list in the fall. The Board  of Whiskers and Tails chooses this year's  applicants we will provide assistance for during the first week of January of each new calendar year   

Whiskers and Tails is an equal opportunity outreach and assistance nonprofit organization. 

We do not discriminate against anyone for skin color, race, religion or sexual orientation. We also do not discuss politics with any of our applicants.

Applicants are selected by level of need, number of animals and our available resources that will allow us to be able to offer the proper kind of assistance.

{we are not accepting applications at this time}.  

At the request of our Board, our families and individuals - Whiskers and Tails has a Privacy Policy in place. We do not share  personal information of any kind. That includes utility or other account numbers, social security numbers, addresses or the images of any of the humans that we provide assistance for.       

If you are volunteering or are completing community service - do not bring small children with you. Also, be prepared to sign an accident waiver if you will be on site or in person to volunteer or complete community service hours. 

Thanks for submitting!


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A Few of the Foundations that Has Supported our Efforts

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