Services & Programs

Whiskers and Tails serves Veterans, Seniors, Victims of Domestic Violence, displaced home makers, homeless folks, folks with physical and mental impairments and of course low to no income companion animal families.

All individuals and families are pre-screened and pre-approved to make sure that they are truly in need and that they have not applied to other organizations for assistance.

Out Reach and Assistance

Because animals deserve to stay at home with their families

Whiskers and Tails offers human and animal food, animal care supplies and items, assistance with animal medical care, clothing, bedding, cleaning supplies, physical assistance equipment such as walkers, portable potty chairs, crutches, etc and of course of basic life needs items.

We also help seniors and veterans with small and in special cases, some large home repair projects

Please make note that Whiskers and Tails is NOT an animal

shelter or animal rescue. We do not take in, house or pick

up unwanted animals.  Please do your research to find those types of assistance in your area.

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Virtual Adoptions

Caring Folks can virtually adopt the humans and animals that we work with to sponsor them all year long. All you have to do is email us and we will give you more information on just how easy it is to make a donation to help a human or animal or both.

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