Virtual Adoptions are an easy way to help a companion animal or a human that is in great need.  These families are struggling financially and often cannot afford food, basic life needs items, clothing or immediate or urgent animal medical care, spay or neuter, prescription foods or even medicine when needed.   We help animals stay at home by helping the families too. 

Virtually Adopt

Let us know who you would like to help or what you would like to do when you make your donation through our safe, convenient Pay Pal donation button.  By clicking on the images below you will be able to read about each particular cat's specific  need.

You choose how much you would like to donate. You can be an ongoing, bi-monthly or one time sponsor.

It's up to you.

Consider Virtually Adopting  one of these beautiful cats

Lilo female
Lilo would like to have a sponsor to help with her special foods and at least two vet check ups per year.
Olly Female
Olly would like to have sponsor who would help with the costs of two vet visits per year and with the costs of her special food.
Dusk Female
Dusk would like a sponsor who would like to help her with her food expenses. She likes special food and as a senior cat we do our best to make sure that as her tastes change - we have a variety of foods to keep her from going hungry.
Bella Donna  Female
Bella Donna is in need of a sponsor to help with a minimum of at least two check ups per year and help with her special foods.
Issa Bella  Female
Issa Bella is in constant need of grooming. She is a long haired Torti and we do not want her to get matted and develop sores. She needs a sponsor who would be willing to help with her grooming supplies. We use small mustache trimmers on her that over a period of time end up quitting.
Mike Male
Mike has a tumor in his ear drum. He was the victim of domestic violence. He will need to go to the vet every few months and have his ears checked, get a shot of antibiotic and pain meds. He needs a sponsor to help cover those expenses.
Mercedes Female
Mercedes is 19 years old. She is going blind and has a fear of humans. Even her own human. She needs a sponsor who would be willing to help with the costs of her ongoing vet visits to make sure that her quality of life does not diminish as she gets older.
Raja Female
Raja needs a sponsor to help cover her ongoing vet visits for tummy issues. She has Feline IBS and is on special foods. She has to be monitored to make sure that she does not become dehydrated.
Lucky Male
Lucky is 20 years old. He suffers from chronic bowel issues and is on special foods. He needs a sponsor to help with his the costs of his ongoing veterinary care.
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Cats are pretty hard to get help for. We are in high hopes that this year we will be able to virtually adopt each and every one you see in the pictures above. They really need your help. Plus, we have several more cats and dogs who are in great need too.


Whiskers and Tails provides aid and assistance to both humans and animals and

to both companion and unwanted animals. By Virtually Adopting Whiskers and Tails or one of the animals you see in these pictures you are helping us to save lives.

The cats that we help are hoping for sponsors who can help us to make sure that they get the veterinary care and the supplies that they need to live.

 The animals that you see in the pictures above are in great need of medical care, spay/neuter, medicines and  prescriptions foods and their families simply

cannot afford it. We also work with ferals and strays who have no one to care for

them at all.  Our organization provides food, medical care, monitoring and seasonal supplies such as straw, outdoor shelters and so much more.

All you have to do is decide which animal or animals that you would like to help or

if you would like to Virtually Adopt Whiskers and Tails by making a financial

donation - you can do that too. 

You can also adopt our special needs, terminally ill and hard to sponsor animals as well.  Just message us to find out more info .

Click on our safe, convenient Pay Pal button and type in the name of the Animal, the description of an item or just say  that you want to help, make a donation in any amount that you choose and complete your transaction.

We will take it from there. We transport these animals to a participating vet's clinic

and the magic begins. They will finally get the help that they need.

You can choose to be a one time Virtual  Sponsor or you can be an ongoing  Sponsor.

We leave it up to you.

Your donations are tax deductible.

( Please check with your accountant for more info ) .

Photos above will change as each cat gets a sponsor .

Consider Virtually Adopting a Senior & Their Senior Pets. They are truly struggling right now and could use a little help.

Sponsors Needed - For Twila and her Cats


$200 per month will help with feline prescription diet, vetting, blood screens, urine tests clinical tests and Twila's diabetic supplies.

Twila is 61 years old.  She was homeless for three years after becoming disabled and eventually losing her job. She lived in her car with her

two cats. Right now she is renting a small sitting room and does her best to live on her SSI which is only $509 a month. She has two major disabilities including heart and lung issues. She also has diabetes and no health insurance yet.

Her two cats are in need of vetting for ongoing urinary problems.

We help with human food and cat food, cat litter, personal hygiene items, cleaning supplies and clothing but we are out of currently out of funding. She is in great need of sponsors who would like to help with the getting her cats vetted and getting her diabetic supplies.

Sponsors Needed - For Laverne and her Cat

$75 per month will help with feline prescription diet, vetting and special cat litter.

Home Depot or Lowes Gift cards to help with the purchase of some small home repair items

Laverne is a widow who still lives in her own home. She is 81 years old and lives on a very low fixed income. We help with most of her needs but, we are out of funding to help with any animal medical care, the purchase of diet food or special cat litter. We are looking for sponsors who would help us with these costs She is also in need of two replacement windows for her living room and a replacement window for her bedroom. The windows that she has are cracked and allow a lot of air to get into her house. We would like to change these out before winter time. The estimated costs for 3 replacement windows is around $400

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