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Welcome to our 2019 Hope for the Holidays Program Tag Page.

This program starts November 1 and ends with donors getting all of their donations in by December 15th for the families or animals that they adopt.

This program provides a resource for seniors, veterans  and families, victims of domestic violence, displaced home makers, mentally and physically impaired individuals who would otherwise be forgotten or do without during the holiday season. 

Our goal is to help keep the animals at home and to offer low to no income folks a chance to have  human and animal foods, a few gifts, holiday meals and perhaps some warmth as well as the basic needs of life.

Most of their greatest needs consist of food, toiletries, cleaning supplies and the food and supplies that they need for their companion animals.   Some wishes are as little as a holiday meal and some are as great as appliances or major home repairs.

(Please keep in mind that items mentioned by any brand name are being asked for in certain instances. For example - some dog and cat foods are donated on a regular basis. We do our very best to not switch up their foods to much to avoid tummy issues. Fresh step cat litter is requested because it works best for many of the cats who have ongoing health issues like kidney or bladder issues. It works best for that and it does not have a lot of dust or scents. Our families also get free cat litter from the Paw Points).

The folks that we work with are all low - no income companion animal families or individuals who are really having a hard time making ends meet. With your help we can help them to have just a little bit of Hope for the Holidays and the long cold winter months that follow.

We do not take down any tags. We do not want our families to be disappointed if they are not chosen to be adopted. If you would like to adopt someone we can tell you if they have already been adopted. Sorry for the inconvenience but the holidays can be a very sad time for low income and the elderly folks.

Scroll through the images below. Each image is called a tag. Each tag lists the short story, greatest needs or a wish of a senior, veteran, group, family or physically or mentally impaired person or animal that we are trying to help.

Once you choose a family, senior, veteran or animal just let us know that you have decided to adopt them for Christmas. Although we accept donations all year long  We are asking that donations for each family that has been adopted be dropped off at our office no later than 8 PM December 15th.

Our office is located at 185 West Broadway Peculiar MO 64078

Our e-mail address is whiskesrsandtails2@gmail.com

Our phone number is 816 974-0442 ( leave a message please)

We encourage you to "Grab a tag" and fill a need or grant a wish. If you need more information than the tags offer please contact us.

You can click on the images to enlarge them.

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